I joined Sparkpeople a few months ago, and didn’t really take the time to find out what it’s about. Now that I have, I’m hooked. Ok, I’m hooked on the Teams and message boards.

Some of you might know that my doctor prescribed me anti-depressants right before Scott and I started dating. I was able to stop taking them in March after the wedding. Then I started having anxiety attcks – mild ones – and my doc put me back on the anti-depressants at a lower dosage. So far, the anxiety attacks have become fewer. I mention this because, if you suffer from depression, you NEED to join sparkpeople and the team Dealing with Depression. I’ve never met so many people who are sincere and supportive. After only three days of posting in that forum, I’ve found myself thinking differently, talking myself into doing more things around the house and just generally feeling better about myself. 

One great thing about this site (other than being FREE), is that you can track goals on there … Two of the goals I’ve added are: 1.) No soda 5 days a week and 2.) Take my vitamins every day.

You can track what you eat, plan meals, track your exercise, get motivation and, best of all, motivate others. Today was the second day I was able to choke down 8 glasses of water (instead of soda!) and I am SO proud of myself for that. Plus, I get to check off that little box next to “drink at least 8 glasses of water.” And if you know me, I like to check things off! 

Seriously, if you’re at all interested in being healthier or just finding a way to make yourself accountable, join sparkpeople .