OK, I totally believe in spirits, demons, ghosts, etc. But have you seen The Real Exorcist on Sci-Fi? Horrible!

Apparently, this guy does real exorcisms on the show … I just watched an episode where this woman claimed to be demonically possessed (as they all do). The Real Exorcist Bob Larson immediately came in the house and once this woman told her story, which included her brother dying from drugs and alcohol on the day her mother got off life support, he said “that’s definitely a generational curse.”

A generational curse? Um … seems more like bad luck to me. 

Then he takes this woman to her mother’s grave …. and talks her through renouncing the “evil that has come down through her (mother’s) blood.”

One of the camera crew then asks “What separates that from a Dr. Phil moment?” His answer: “What we went through in that cemetery was psycho-therapeutic. I didn’t, in some ways, do much more than any pastor, priest, or good, knowledgable counselor or friend would have done. EXCEPT, I did lead her in some very specific words, spiritually and emotionally severing that relationship and we spoke to any of the curses that came down through the bloodline. That’s the difference.”


He continues on saying they need to “find the ancestoral historical root of all this” … Cut to the scene in the church with three or four pastors and the “exorcism.” And we get to meet the DEMON – LUCIFER! 

SERIOUSLY?!?! WTF? Lucifer???? You couldn’t find another more obscure demon to possess this woman?? Oh wait … it’s not Lucifer … it’s Beelzebub. No wait … it’s both. ?? 

Seriously, go look this guy up on Youtube … It’s freakin’ hilarious. 

Apparently this guy has performed more than 10,000 exorcisms in 90 countries. And claims that demonic possessions come from sexual abuse. 

Huh? Sexual abuse causes demonic possession? I’m pretty sure it causes a lot of things, but I don’t know about demonic possession. 

And he says that nearly 50% of all people are possessed … 

That might explain some of the crazies out there … and I’ll admit, there are times I feel possessed, but come on…. seriously? 

It doesn’t surprise me that his Web site asks for an “emergency donation of $30” …. for what, I’m not sure. 

I guarantee this won’t be one show I continue to watch …