So, my hubby was out of town this past week, which means I was on my own for food. That’s usually not a bad thing, but after a stressful week (including election night), I seemed to be unable to follow any kind of healthy eating plan. 

Thursday night was my first night off and I think I ate some leftover smothered chicken, and maybe a few slices of bread for dinner. Friday night was Mimosas and stuffing and Saturday I was out shopping with the girls, so it was chinese sesame chicken for lunch and a portobella mushroom wrap for dinner. 

And we won’t even discuss what’s on the menu for today …. hint, look here.

I was doing really good with drinking enough water until I was off from work. I don’t know why it’s so hard to drink enough water at home, but so easy at work. 

And, although I did work out a few times this week, it wasn’t every day and I really felt it on Friday – I was completely unmotivated and although I got a few things done, it wasn’t nearly as much as I’d hope to get done. 

But, tomorrow’s a new day … and just because I’ve been bad in the past few days doesn’t give me a free pass to be fall completely off the wagon.