I have this addiction … to sleeping. You’d think if the old adage about beauty sleep was true, I’d be a freakin’ Goddess. (My husband says he thinks I was a cat in a past life.) I could literally sleep for days. OK, maybe that’s a BIT of an exaggeration, but a good 15-16 hours is not unheard of.

In fact, I’ve turned my husband on to sleeping – probably because that’s the only time we can spend time together (I jest … sort of). This past weekend, hubby and I slept in until almost 1 p.m. – probably a good 12-hour nap. It was bliss. Just me, hubby and our two cats all curled up on the bed.

It seems to get worse when I have to work. See, I work nights, so there’s no need for an alarm – which makes it very easy to sleep until I ‘naturally’ wake up (which has been known to be 15 minutes before I have to go to work). Add that to the fact that I’m not thrilled with this job and one little black cat who LOVES to snuggle, and I have a VERY hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

Obviously this isn’t a good thing … I mean, in my look back at 2008, I said I’d wish I had slept less. I mean, I kinda miss out on getting a lot done in the mornings when I sleep so late. So, how should I tackle this problem? Here are a few ideas I have floating around in my head:

1. Keep my birth control pills in the downstairs bathroom so when my alarm goes off to take them, I have to walk downstairs (ie, get moving!)

2. Ask hubby to make me a cup of tea in the morning.

3. Open blinds to let in sunshine in the morning (course sunshine seems to be a bit hard to come by these days.)

4. Get a new job so I have to get up in the mornings. (if only it were that easy!)

Any other ideas out there?