*** Warning: This post may be too much information for some … If you have to change the channel when you see a feminine hygiene commercial, stop reading. ***

Remember those early teen years? When we had no idea what was happening to our bodies? Our breasts were growing and man, did that hurt … We had cramps that we didn’t know how to get rid of … We cried at commercials and when anyone looked at us crossly …. And the food cravings – chocolate, chips, sugar, salt …

Aren’t you glad we’ve learned how to deal with this “gift” mother nature gave us? Now we take the cramps, cravings and moodiness in stride and try not to let it affect our lives (or at least let anyone SEE it affect our lives.)

Yeah, I’m right back there – feeling like a 13-year-old and learning how to deal all over again. See, I’ve gotten my first period in eight years. Yes, EIGHT years! I had been using depo provera and since decided to switch in hopes that some other health problems would subside. I knew I wasn’t going to look forward to this, but I honestly had forgotten how uncomfortable and (more) irritable I get.

So, here’s my question … how do you deal? What are your favorite things to do, or products to use, to get through that one week (or two for those of us with PMS) a month without alienating your family and friends and hiding under the covers? If you’ve got any natural remedies, please share … all I’ve found so far is an article on Martha Stewart’s Whole Living site that talks about teas, which I have every intention of trying.

Don’t be shy ladies … fess up and share the wealth. If it works for you, I want to know about it. Even if it’s just staying in bed and hiding for a week. I’m not opposed to doing that!