Ok, I’ll admit, I was seriously confused by the whole BMR post from Ashlee. I think I figured it out right in my last post, but I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that it’s not Ashlee’s fault at all … I’m just dumb when it comes to numbers. (Hence the degree in English, not math.)

But, I found this article and it kind of cleared it up for me. (And really, it’s exactly what Ashlee’s blog said … I just needed it dumbed down even more) 🙂

And here’s my new problem: All the resources out there for counting calories give different numbers for the same thing! It’s about to drive me bonkers! I’m a very list-orientated person, so I need to make sure I’m writing down what I’m eating and how many calories it is. Otherwise, I’ll fall off the wagon and it’ll just continue on down the road without me.

So, who’s got a good way to keep track of calories? And a good resource for finding calorie counts? The simpler the better for me. All the websites I’ve checked out are lacking in some way.