Is it day 4 or day 5 on this challenge? I told you I”m not good at numbers! 

Anyway, things are going really good so far. Planning really does help – especially with food. As long as I have a plan for dinner, I’m good. It keeps me from running out to get something at work. I’m off soda (YAY!) and pretty much all processed sugar. This makes me a very happy girl!

I’m a little worried about my calories though – I seem to only be eating 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day. Even though I should be eating around 1,500. But, I’m not hungry, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’m going to keep going for the week and see what happens. 

Tonight hubby convinced me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I told him it was only OK if i could find the nutritional content online and could pick something out before I got there. On The Daily Plate, they say the Naked Chicken Tender Wrap (now the grilled chicken wrap) is 440 calories and I opted for the buffalo chips (might as well splurge a bit) instead of the tortilla chips for 257 calories. I did leave most of the second half of my wrap, so it’s probably a little less than the 440. 

I’m pretty proud of that. I told my hubby that I had the satisfaction of feeling like I cheated, but without actually cheating! 🙂 Plus, the rest of the day was a little slim on calories, so I’m still doing good. 

I am splurging on a glass of Riesling (90 calories) while I catch up on all the other 20/20 challenger’s blogs. I’m having a blast and I can’t wait to see how we all fare in this adventure! 

Now I”m off to ponder some of the color choices the feng shui consultant and I talked about today (another post for later, I promise!).