I’m so happy with my progress so far on the 20/20 challenge. I can’t even begin to explain. I won’t lie … I’m kind of a quitter. (shh, it’s our secret, k?) Especially when it comes to diets. I’ve tried a bunch of them – but I’m not your typical yo-yo dieter. See, I never even got to the point where they started to work. I’d get so frustrated with what I could and couldn’t eat, that I’d give up and just go back to eating whatever I normally eat.

But, this time … something is different.

Maybe it’s because I know a lot more about the food industry and can make more informed decisions. (See hubby’s blog for a few rants on that topic.)

Maybe it’s because I’ve started to enjoy cooking and I’m viewing the task of finding healthy recipes I like as a challenge, not a chore.

Maybe it’s because I’m finding a lot more healthy foods that I actually like. (Not all healthy foods need to taste like feet – really.)

And maybe … I’ve just finally got it. I finally get that the foods you eat directly relates to how you feel and look. I get that there are horrible, horrible things in our foods – and that our government doesn’t seem to care. I get that the only way we’re going to be healthy is to eat as clean and organic as possible. I get that when we eat processed foods, it really harms your body.

Know how I know I get it? I’ve been eating fairly clean for almost 2 weeks now. I won’t say completely clean and organic, because we really can’t afford to buy everything organic – plus, we have food in our house I need to use up before I can completely change everything over. But I’m doing pretty darn good. Every single meal I’ve eaten, I can tell you what its made of. Nothing came from a box (except the frozen veggies we had last night – but they’re OK in my mind because the ingredients only listed vegetables, no additives). Nothing came in a package. Everything I could possibly make from scratch, was made from scratch. All my meals were very simple. Simple ingredients. Simple techniques. High flavor.

Now, I won’t say there were a few things in there that I shouldn’t have eaten … like the pound cake I made to take to a friends house. But, I made it from scrach, so I knew what was in it. I had a small piece, and loaded up on fresh strawberries on the side. AND, I balanced it out with a big salad at dinner and some more fruit later for a snack.

I’ve got two sites to share with you that I’ve found to be extremely helpful in the last few weeks. First, Nutritiondata.com. I love that I can put in a recipe here and it immediately gives me the nutritional information. Second, Jillian Michael’s radio show. You can download her Sunday radio show to your iPod and listen to it anytime. I’ve listened to 3 so far, and I won’t lie – I have a girl crush. I love that she’s completely no-nonsense and just gives it to you straight. No excuses. Here’s how to download her radio show in iTunes:

— Go to the iTunes Store, and the podcast section of the store.
— Search in the upper right corner for “KFI”
— When you get to the KFI page, click on “Sunday”
— There you’ll find her radio show, plus a bunch of other Sunday shows
— Click the “subscribe” button. You’ll be subscribed to the entire Sunday podcast collection but you can click the “get” button just for Jillian’s shows.

So far, these are the things working for me. I know I’ve got to work on the fitness part – I’m not a big fan of working out. But, at least I know that the changes I’m making in my diet will help me immensely in the future.