Ok, so, I know I talked about going off depo and how it’d probably be better for me …. and I changed my mind. Here’s the thing … I really didn’t have a bad experience with it. I never got PMS, or my period, or cramps (except when they were sympathy pains for my crazy family). As for the migraines, I have a feeling those will never go away completely – though kicking the soda and (most) caffeine has helped. 

So, here’s the scoreboard for depo vs. pill 

Depo pros: no period, no PMS, no cramps, no pills, no worries
Pill pros: no babies?

Depo cons: possible calcium deficiency, possible weight gain (this scares me most right now), possible  increase in frequency of migraines
Pill cons: $15 copay; added expense of buying tampons, etc.; frequent skin breakouts; food cravings;  PMS; cramps

So, I’ve gone back on the depo shot. Go ahead, judge if you must, but I think I’d rather go back to what I know of as “normal.”