My new scale registered 150.8 this morning when I dragged myself out of bed for weigh-in.

A loss of 0.2 lbs might not seem like a lot, but I had anticipated a gain, so I was pretty happy to see ANY kind of loss. This last week was rough. I had crazy food cravings (I blame my period) and one very stressful night at work.

Election nights at a newspaper always make me stress out. BIG time. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I know there’s so much pressure to get everything right, and only a few hours in which to do it. Our deadline that night seems even more scary and daunting than ever before. Add to that a few hours earlier in the night when you’re twiddling your thumbs means you’re probably worrying about what’s to come. (Maybe that’s just me.)

I usually consider myself someone who deals well with deadlines and stress, but now that I think about it, I deal better with unexpected pressure and deadlines. It’s the times when I know it’s coming that I freak out. And the biggest problem is when I know I’ve got a hellish night ahead of me, all I can think about is what I can eat that will make me feel better. That night, it was a piece of pizza (down from my usual 2 or 3 pieces in past years) and two small pieces of a sub sandwich. I’m proud of myself for not turning to the soda – I drank 3 bottles of water and at least 3 cups of tea that night. And because I had packed dinner for myself I had a big salad and some fruit to help curb the cravings. I know I could have done better, but I’m pretty proud of myself for doing as well as I did. I know I can’t be perfect all the time, and this week definitely showed it.

I did get in a few more workouts, so that helped a LOT. I tried The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt one day and it kicked my ass. Seriously, my butt muscles still hurt. I’m looking forward to trying out The Biggest Loser Weight-loss Yoga DVD soon.

All in all, it was an OK week. I know I”ll have good and bad days, but the great thing is, the clock resets every morning. And I’m ready to let go of Week 3 and get on with Week 4.