I’ve been on this kick lately of helping others. (Those of you who know me, STOP LAUGHING!) 🙂

First it was the animal shelter – I picked up a few bags of food that were on sale (and yes, I had a coupon) and Scott and I dropped them off at the shelter. It felt really good. Especially since we know how hard times are for the animals out there. Too many are being given up because their owners can’t afford to care for them. It’s so sad.

Then there’s Operation Baking Gals. Being a military brat, I’ve always had a soft spot for our troops overseas. So I was thrilled to find this group and contribute in a small way to making someone’s day a little brighter.

Now … there’s Flip Flop Fleet. I found out about this amazing couple through a blog post on Daily Deliciousness. I immediately e-mailed Dawn to see how I could get involved. She sent me a e-mail back (within the hour! Talk about good manners!) giving me two options: Become a Flip Flop Friend and commit to collection 50 pairs of flip-flops or shoes over the next year, or become a Flip Flop Fan and just purchase a pair here and there. Well, I saw a challenge and sent her an e-mail back saying “Sign me up for being a Flip Flop Friend!”

So, one of my 101 things is now to collect 50 pairs of flip flops or shoes over the next year to send to someone traveling overseas to deliver shoes to those in need.


You know you want to join this cause …. Go on over to the Flip Flop Fleet blog and e-mail Dawn to see how you can help!