This week has been awesome. I’m ultra proud of myself when it comes to this challenge.

First of all – I’ve stuck with this for 4 weeks! Yes, I could have worked out more, or watched what I was eating a little closer, but I’ve stuck with it for a MONTH! What’s even more impressing to me – NO SODA that entire time! That’s probably the biggest thing for me right now. And you know what, I don’t even crave it. I don’t want it. There are so many chemicals and fake ingredients in it that I literally cringe when I think about soda. I’m drinking a TON of water and, usually, a few cups of tea at work.

Second – I’ve successfully avoided temptation two days in a row at work. Yesterday the bosses brought in a HUGE sheet cake (with fluffy, sugary frosting – mmmm), Subway and – the worst part for me – a bag of Munchies. I avoided ALL of it. Not only did I avoid it, but when a piece of cake somehow found itself on my desk, I threw it away. Then, today I come in to find that someone made a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar run and ice cream is waiting in the freezer. Now, first off, I’m not a big fan of DQ, so I guess it wasn’t a HUGE temptation, but nonetheless, it was nice, cold ice cream (and it seems like the furnace is still running in our office despite the high of 69 today.) But, I stuck with my healthy snacks from home and avoided the Dilly Bar ambush.

Third – I’ve stepped up my workouts. I’m still not up as much as I’d like, but I’m getting there. (Baby steps, right?) I did get The Biggest Loser Power Yoga DVD from Netflix this week and I’m LOVING it. My abs are SCREAMING today (especially after following up with the Shred today) and I’m actually enjoying the soreness.

Whatever the scale says tomorrow when I weigh in, I’m really proud of myself for sticking with this so long and adapting some healthier habits (which are slowly rubbing off on hubby!)

Bring it on Week 5!