I’ve got confilicting emotions about this past weigh-in.

On one hand I’m proud of myself for:
– losing 1 lb!
– Having to put another hole in my belt (thanks Scott!)
– Pulling on jeans (that were too tight to wear in Ireland) that had been just washed and STILL needing to pull them up every 5 minutes.
– I am *thisclose* to the -10 lb. mark!

On the other hand, I’m not so proud of:
– only working out 2 days this week.

I suppose the good out-weighs the bad on this one, but I am disappointed in myself on the exercise front. I’m doing GREAT on the food front – even incorporating RAW  meals few times this week and trying a bunch of new things, including tatsoi (eh), swiss chard (not bad), green smoothie (yum), parsnips (eh), and ramps (no thanks). But, I”ve really slipped with the exercise.

So, what am I gonna do about it? Well, I’m convinced I would have reached my -10 lb. mark this week if I had worked out more, so I’m challenging myself to work out every day this week except Thursday (got a big day – shopping with by best girls – that day!) and to keep up with my good food choices. (Can you believe I’ve gone 7 weeks without soda and don’t even WANT it?!?!)

The numbers: 

New weight: 146.6
Loss of 1 lb. 
Total loss of 9.4 lbs.

When I reach -10, I’ll be taking new photos. So I can compare them to these awful ones. I’m counting on that happening THIS WEEK!