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Hear me out before you turn your nose up at me. 

My friend Dawn at Flip Flop Fleet has started a new “branch” of her organization – The Skivvy Divvy. She’s collecting unwanted undies (tops & bottoms) to send to Haiti – where the need for these items we take for granted is great. In fact, she’s trying to collect 500 undies by Indy race day – May 24 – it’s the UNDY 500!

So far (and she announced this on Thursday), she’s collected 65 pairs of undies and 74 bras! Isn’t that amazing?!?! 

So, I know you’re now wondering how you can help …. here’s how (in Dawn’s own words):

“EVERYONE has a pair that rides up on them that they just don’t wear and EVERY woman has at least one bra that is in the drawer that they NEVER wear. Instead of tossing them, divvy your skivvies to The Skivvy Divvy. So, as you are doing your spring cleaning, if you come across any of these items or if you feel led to buy some, please email us at flipflopfleet@gmail.com. As always, if you purchase flip flops, please email us so we can add your total to our shoe counter and keep track of who has what. We have more and more people going to countries where shoes and undies are greatly needed. We need you on board!”

Personally, I found 4 bras in my closet that I don’t care for. They’re now in the pile to go to Dawn! Please consider going through your drawers (HA!) and picking out some undies you don’t particularly care for. Every single pair will be greatly appreciated!