Scott and I spent 4 days visiting his parents in Missouri last week. I won’t lie, in the days leading up to our trip, I was seriously worried about what I’d eat while I was there. I was really worried I wouldn’t have the will power to say no to some yummy southern food. (And I LOVE southern foods!)

But, then I realised something – I could still have those foods (or at least a few bites of those foods) as long as I compensated for the extra calories the rest of the day. So, here are a few ways I was able to have my chicken fried steak and eat it too:

(I didn’t actually write any of this down, I’m going from memory – which means I obviously didn’t count calories either)

Wednesday (travel day)
Breakfast: Steel cut oatmeal w/ milk and 1/2 of a homemade cherry lara bar
Snack on plane: grapes, 1/2 an orange & sliced strawberries
Lunch: Veggie quesadilla at mexican rest. (chock FULL of spinach!!)
Dinner: HUGE salad (I picked up salad fixing at the grocery store when we got there), small scoop of mashed potatoes, corn and 1/2 slice of homemade meatloaf (which I could have easily eaten 3 more of if I hadn’t eaten the salad)

Thursday (Springfield)
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ a banana
Snack: sugar snap peas bought at farmers market
Lunch: Chick-fil-A 8-piece nuggets w/ mayo (my favorite from there) with a side salad and lemonade (I only drank about 6 sips from the lemonade – too sweet!)
Dinner: Lamberts – Chicken-fried steak (I ate 1/2 of the 11 oz. portion), few bites of mashed potatoes, small bowl of beets, 1 roll
Snack: HUGE salad (lunch & dinner were both early) and orange

Friday (Shopping) – No weigh-in for week 11
Breakfast: Finnish pancake
Lunch: hamburger w/ lettuce, tomato & onions
Snack: apple with peanut butter
Dinner: HUGE salad, pulled pork on chibatta, panzanella

Saturday (more shopping)
Breakfast: 2 pieces toast w/ peanut butter, banana
Lunch: HUGE salad and croissant
Snack: Larabar
Dinner: salad, 2 slices pizza (they were HUGE)

Sunday (travel day)
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces toast, 2 small pieces of sausage, 1.5 glasses orange juice
Lunch: 2 larabars (we were on the plane)
Dinner: 1/2 order of avocado egg rolls and 1/3 of tomato basil pasta at Cheesecake factory (just looking at nutritional information now makes me want to puke)
Snack: popcorn

So, while I didn’t do GREAT, I’m pretty proud of myself for having SOME control! (Sunday was tough – the traveling is the hardest part, even when you try to plan ahead.) I tried to make sure I had lots of fresh veggies and fruit each day – and we can see that for the most part, I did OK.

We shall see how I did when I weigh-in on Friday!

Oh … but before I go … I have to share this photo – taken in the Milwaukee airport after going through security:


Only in Wisconsin, people.