I’m happy with the scale this week, but not ecstatic. Here’s the numbers:

Weight: 143.2
Loss: 1.2 lbs.
Total loss: 12.8 lbs.

I had hoped it would be more, but I kind of expected it to be around there since we spend 4 days on vacation last week and I obviously cheated a few times – even though I thought I was doing well.

My goal for next week – get to 140 (oooh, that’s a big goal) and work out every morning before work. This shouldn’t be too hard because I actually get to be a ‘normal’ person next week and work a day shift. I do SO much better when I have to wake up, work out and go straight to work. 

Also … I’ve decided to start the Couch to 5K program. (Me, the biggest non-runner ever – this should be interesting.) I’ve heard a lot of people doing this and it seems doable … I’m going to be doing the program with my friend Brenda. Hopefully we can start next week. We’ll be running apart (she lives 30 minutes away), but we’ll be keeping each other accountable, which I always need!

I asked hubby if he wanted to do the C25k program with me …. his response: ‘You’re ready for that … you’re at least ON the couch. Me? I’m the missing remote cover that you find buried under the cushions.’ I guess that’s a no.