I’ve signed up for another fitness challenge that begins Monday. It’s the 15-week challenge, headed up by Amy at Amy’s Quest to Skinny.

But wait … what about the 20/20 challenge and the C25K training? Oh yeah, those are still happening. Don’t worry.

This gives me a few more weeks of kick-in-the-butt-motivation to keep eating right/working out. (The 20/20 challenge ends Aug. 7; while the 15-week challenge ends on Oct. 17.) 

Here are my reasons for wanting to do this challenge:

1. I need people to keep me accountable for working out/eating right. This way, if I slip, I’m not only letting myself down, but so many others – some of whom are not afraid to tell me that I’ve disappointed them!

2. I also need people to encourage me and let me know I’m doing a good job. I’ve had such good feedback from so many people about the 20/20 challenge – I can’t thank them enough for keeping me on task. Seriously, it makes working out SO much easier when I know I’ve inspired a few others to get moving.

3. Amy’s going to have Workout Wednesdays and a Workout Challenge every week – and I’m so looking forward to incorporating some new ideas into my routine.

4. I’m so afraid that after the 20/20 challenge is over, I’d allow myself to slack off and go right back to being a lazy bum. THIS WON’T HAPPEN!

5. She’s got prizes! 🙂 (Real, tangible prizes – not just feeling healthy and having a rockin’ bod!)


So, go ahead, call me crazy. I’ve been called worse things.