Amy really kicked my ass yesterday. 

Her Workout Wednesday post was amazing. Thankfully I read it after I got home from my C25K run (1.73 miles – or something) and before I showered. 

Let me tell you, my abs are SCREAMING today! I double-dog dare you to try it. 

Course I didn’t help much by doing the first 3 workout items for Oh She Glow’s Boot Camp today either. OUCH! Those mountain-climbers are going to be the death of me! But I’m LOVING the new workouts! 

I think I’m reaching the point where I”m having a calorie deficit and need to eat more. (Damn working out 5 days a week! – whoever thought I’d be the one to say that!?!?!) My scale isn’t budging lower than 142 and even going up a few times this week. So, this morning, I had a healthy banana strawberry muffin, a HUGE bowl of oatmeal, and some yogurt and fruit I had leftover from last night. Course, now the problem is that I’m not hungry and it’s way past lunch time!

I have to give a shout out to my hubby – he’s been doing awesome! He’s making some small changes – like eating a salad for dinner and even snacking on fruit during the day. I’m so proud of him. 🙂