So, I gained this week. Only 0.6 lbs, but its still a gain. 

I was pretty down on myself until I saw a post on Operation Beautiful and realized someone described JUST what I was doing this morning. Here’s what changed my thinking: 

“Sarah from Finding My Balance wrote, “The last time I was at the gym, I overheard two girls talking near the scale. One got on it, jumped off, and said, “Huh, I wonder how much less I’ll weigh if I take my shoes off.” Then the friend hopped on, and said, “I want to reweigh myself after I work out to see if it’s different.” I cringed. Girls, it’s a number! And the 1 pound difference from taking shoes off, or the .5 pound difference after running on the treadmill for 3 miles really doesn’t matter!” 

I totally did that this morning! I woke up, checked the scale, then decided to wait until after I ran to see what it said. And Sarah’s right … it doesn’t matter.

Her note said “Hey you! This number doesn’t matter. You are gorgeous RIGHT NOW! Own it.” So, I decided to ‘own it’ and I made my own note for my scale:

Operation Beautiful

It says “Don’t listen to me. I”m just a number. What do I know? Listen to your body. You are gorgeous!”

I knew I had to focus on the positive, so here are some things I thought of:


  1. I’ve had to put 2 new holes in my belt.
  2. NONE of my pants fit  – even the ones I just bought – they’re all too big.
  3. My bra is even too big! 
  4. I feel healthier than I ever have before. 
  5. I ran today – 6.3 for 90 seconds – and it felt great!
  6. I’m eating healthier foods and LOVE the way I feel. 
  7. I haven’t touched soda in 15 weeks.
  8. I’m inspiring others to change their eating habits and start moving. (If I can do it, ANYONE can do it)
  9. I’ve gone from not working out at ALL to working out 5 days a week – with three days of running. 
  10. I’m happy.

Now, that’s a positive take on a 0.6 pound gain. 🙂