Angela over at Oh She Glows wrote a post about goal setting this week and I thought I’d share some of my short-term goals. Angela uses the SMART method of goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed) … check out her blog for an awesome definition. 

First, she asked us to list three accomplishments in our life and how they made us feel. Here are mine:

1. Graduating from college in 4 years – proud, happy, excited, accomplished, smart, scared
2. Quitting soda – proud, happy, healthy
3. Getting out of a bad relationship (when I was 19) – independent, happy, free, excited, grown up

Then she asked us to write three goals for the month of July and how they’ll make us feel:

1. Adding more raw meals – energetic, healthy, happy, regular
2. Run 3 miles – proud, happy, excited, fit, strong
3. Add more yoga – relaxed, happy, flexible
4. (non fitness-related) Research scholarships/loans in order to go back to school for holistic nutrition degree – excited, scared, proud, determined

Next, outline some specific actions to accomplish your goals:

1. focus on combining foods better, shop at farmers markets more, try new raw recipes
2. follow C25k training
3. add one day of yoga to workout schedule; try, or one of Polly’s videos.
4. search for loans, scholarships on Web; contact school to see if they have scholarships.

Anyone want to share their goals?