I haven’t been very good on the excercise while I’ve been on vacation this week. A few things came up that couldn’t be avoided, so I missed my Monday run.

But, I was back with it today and actually decided to skip trying to go to the gym and try running outside. My dad gave me a route to take by their house and it worked out perfectly for my C25K training.

The weather was totally perfect – 70 degrees with a great breeze. I’m glad I decided to wait until morning and not go last night, it was just too hot out. I did notice every little slight incline along my route. And I noticed that I slowed my pace probably quite a bit from what I was running in the gym. My friend laura was so right – by slowing my pace, I didn’t feel quite like I was going to die or throw up. I think I need to run outside more.

If my legs weren’t so sore today, I’d go again tomorrow! I’ll probably only get one more run in this week before I head home.

Tomorrow I need to catch up on my other workouts 🙂 Time to stop slacking.