It’s been one of those days.

You know, the ones where you wake up and immediately know you should pull the covers over your head and hide out until tomorrow. Here’s the breakdown on the day:

The cats

Scott woke me up this morning to tell me one (or both) of the boys had thrown up in the middle of the night. He had cleaned it up (what a sweetie), so I rolled over and went back to sleep for an hour.

Then he comes in and this conversation ensues:

Scott: “I have no idea what the boys got into. I checked to make sure I didn’t leave out any beer cans …”
Me: “mmm hmmm.” (I’m still asleep, fyi.)
A few seconds later ….

Scott: “Did you put away the pork last night?” (Side note, I had pulled out a one pound package of ground pork for dinner – see entry below for that disaster.)
Me: “No.”
Scott: “Hmm, I didn’t see it.”
Me: “No. I left it in the sink.” (Yes, I know this isn’t the proper way to defrost meat, sue me.) “I bet they got into that and that’s why they got sick.”
I get up, go downstairs to search for a package of pork. (Insert witty comment here.)

Wanna know where I found it? Not in the sink, not on the counter, but on the floor near the door.

Those sneaky little black cats had pulled the package of pork out of a pot in the sink, out of the sink, across the counter and onto the floor in front of the door. Thankfully it didn’t look like they ate any of it …

And that was just the beginning …

The Food Front

After that little incident, I had to take out another package of pork and thaw it in the microwave. (Yes, I know, still not the proper way to defrost. But, who really has the forethought to take something out days in advance to let it thaw in the refrigerator, hm?)

I decided to get creative in the kitchen and adapt a recipe from for lebanese stuffed zucchini.

Yeah, we all know this is going to end well, right? There’s a reason I don’t usually deviate from recipes.

Essentially, instead of stuffing the zucchini, I just chopped it up and mixed it into the meat mix. Nothing too drastic, right?  Well, it looked fine (even though the allspice was a bit heavy for my taste), and my test taste was OK. So, I packed it up to take it to work.

I left a few minutes early in order to stop by the grocery store and pick up some pitas to go with it. While I was there, I fixed a quick salad at the salad bar.

I didn’t have time to take a break at work, so I heated up my pork/zucchini/bulgar mix and headed back to my desk to eat. Three bites in and I already feeling icky from the amount of grease. NOT good for a girl who has been eating a 70%-80%-raw diet for the last month. I ditched it for some sliced cucumbers and a cup of tea. (Not that either has really helped my tummy.)

So, because I feel yucky, I’m not up to eating my salad. Which means, todays food intake was this:

2 cups watermelon
2 peaches
1 banana w/ almond butter
1/2 cucumber, sliced
1 strawberry banana vivianno smoothie from Starbucks
3 Godiva dark chocolate pearls
3 cups green tea
3/4 pita
~ 5 bites of pork mix crap

See my problem? No significant amount of veggies. Not even in my smoothie! AND … I didn’t even get to work out today!!! *pout*

On the up side

I’m off work tomorrow (side note: ever realize just how little time it takes to get fed up with work after a vacation? UGH!) Plus, I am meeting up with my bff and my two favorite nieces for lunch and shopping. (I’m so uber-cool for using ‘bff’, right?)

AND … (insert dramatic score here)

I signed up for my first official race!! My bff Laura (same as above) is running it with me – good thing too cause it’s 4 MILES!! And it’s NEXT WEEKEND!!! eep!