Ever have one of those days where you find yourself in a funk and you wish you had just stayed in bed?  Well, I’ve had one of those days for a week and a half.

I’ll cry at just about anything – including, but not limited to:

  • any country song – especially if it deals with the military
  • this article about the Badwater Ultramarathon
  • OnStar commercials
  • The Nanny Diaries
  • this story on a mom reunited with her biological son
  • finding out the batteries in the wii fit were dead

I kid you not. I get teary-eyed at just about everything. I’m pretty sure this is a ‘side effect’ of going off my anti-depressants almost 3 weeks ago.

And then there’s the sadness – which is probably connected to the medicine as well. And really, when you want to cry at just about everything, how can you be happy? Throw in stress from work, paying bills, etc. and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Plus, I’ve been incredibly sore after the race Saturday, so I haven’t really worked out much because I didn’t want to injure myself seriously. Add some tummy issues and I’ve been pretty miserable. (I’m thinking of cutting out dairy and/or gluten for a while to see if that makes a difference.)

Throw on top of that a scale that seems stuck at 141. I know I shouldn’t worry about that – and even be thrilled that I’m maintaining even when I’m not being incredibly diligent – but it’s still kind of a blow to the motivation.

I think that’s about it … (Isn’t that enough?)

So, here’s my trouble … When I get this way, I used to turn to food. Food has always been a comfort to me. (This may explain why I had the urge to bake cupcakes last week – and nearly cried when I had to make 3+ trips to the store.) But, I don’t want to find comfort in food. I don’t want to bring back that distorted thinking that food will make me feel better when I’m down or fill an emotional void, or whatever you want to call it.

How do you get yourself out of a funk – without spending a lot of money or resorting to a binge?

For now, I’m hoping a trip to the water park tomorrow for a little exercise will help.