Last week was a non-running week for two reasons.

1. I was incredibly sore from the race still. Shin splints are killer.

2. I lost my shoes. Actually, I left them at Laura’s – but I thought I had lost them.

So, I took it easy last week and after a migraine yesterday that kept me from doing much more than laying on the couch and popping prescription pills before work, it was time to get moving.

It wasn’t a really heavy workout – 20 minutes of running = 1.75 miles – but it was enough for me. It felt good to get back on the treadmill. (Anyone else prefer treadmill to running outside? I don’t know why I do.) Plus, I picked up some new running shoes. YAY. I figured, if you’re gonna do this right, do it right. 🙂

Now, for a few blogging giveaway announcements:

Check out Just Another New Blog to win a 32 oz. canister of coconut oil. (I”ve been putting this in my green smoothies – SOOO good!

Carrots ‘n Cake is giving away a copy of Clean Food. (Plus, she’s got the cutest video of her pug on there!)

Heather Bakes is giving away some of her favorite things – I want those Lara bars!

Which of these giveaways would you like to win?