I’ve slacked off for too long … specifically, since the race. It’s time to get back on track. Here’s my plan:

Workouts this week:

Tuesday – run (at least a mile)
Wednesday – off
Thursday – yoga/wii fit/video (pick one)
Friday  – run (at least a mile)
Saturday –  yoga/wii fit/video (pick one)

As for food, I’ve been doing VERY badly lately. Mostly in the aspect of not eating enough throughout the day and then being famished around 9 p.m. NOT cool. Here are a few things I’m gonna focus on:

– eating breakfast as soon as I get up (this morning, I didn’t eat anything ‘real’ until almost 1 p.m. – and I was up at 10.)
– green smoothie in the afternoon.
– salad with dinner
– pay attention to my protein intake – my uncle (a retired doctor) told me I might not be getting enough.
– lay off the sweet carbs. I’ve been craving breads/muffins/cookies/cakes lately.

On a separate, but related note, I’ve got good news!! I enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for their distance learning program. I’m so excited to be focusing on something positive and learning more about nutrition and how to live a healthier life. Plus, I can’t wait to share all my knowledge and help others become healthier. I finally feel like I’m doing something good for myself and my future!