Having a schedule that requires working most evenings and weekends and some holidays really makes you realize just how good the majority of the working world has it. Since I’m working Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this ‘long holiday weekend’, I find myself daydreaming about what it’d be like it WILL be like to have a ‘normal’ 9-5 job – with holidays off! (Gotta be optimistic right?)

  • I’d call up my local girls and plan to meet up for happy hour more often.
  • I’d plan the weekly menu on Sundays and shop with all the other 9-5ers.
  • I’d come home and drink after said grocery trip and complain about not being able to shop on Tuesday mornings.
  • After dinner, hubby and I would go for a walk around our neighborhood.
  • We’d veg out on the couch and get addicted to prime-time TV. (But no reality shows.)
  • We’d take off for long weekends to go to Chicago and see the city and family.
  • We’d start a cooking club and get together with other couples once a month to share a meal.
  • I’d peruse the FVTC course book and find a cooking class (or two) to take.
  • I’d join a book club, or bowling league, or bunco group, or quilt guild.
  • I’d go to a Brewers game or a Packers game.
  • I’d hold home parties (Pamperd Chef, Partylite, Mary Kay) just cause I could.
  • I’d be alseep by 11 p.m. and up at 7 a.m. to workout.
  • I’d eat luch at nooon and dinner no later than 7 p.m.
  • We’d get up early on Saturdays in the summer to drive to Madison for the farmers market and lunch. Or, go to the Princeton Flea market.
  • I’d make a point to go to as many weekend festivals in the summer as possible.
  • I’d sign up to run more races, or volunteer at them.

OK, reality might be a little different than that, but I like my ‘ideal’ life as laid out above. Some day ….