Yup, I went there.

Call me crazy, wacko, batty, kooky, nutty, screwy, fruity, or whatever. I don’t care; I totally believe in this stuff. I also believe in ghosts, goblins and ghouls too. But, that’s neither here, nor there.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know any pet owner who doesn’t talk to their animals. I talk to my boys constantly when I’m at home. And I think I’ve got somewhat of a grip on what they’re trying to communicate to me … sometimes.


For instance, I can usually understand Lovie’s actions & meows. When he meows and reaches his paws to my thigh, he wants to be held and snuggle. When he sits next to the couch just looking at me, he wants me to make space for him so he can snuggle. When he follows me from room to room, he wants to snuggle …. Actually, he’s waiting for food. But then it’s right back to snuggle time.

Yeah, Lovie and I, we get each other.

It’s Loki I have trouble with.


Loki … *sigh* I think of him as my little goth teen who hates when his mom hugs him or gives him a kiss and just wants to be left alone, because nobody understands the angst. I haven’t learned his language yet. It’s getting better – he now demands a little love fest when I get up in the morning and sometimes curls up on the couch or bed by me. He’s a bit skittish sometimes and a little aggressive at other times. But, I love him to death and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

So, just like any mother, I sought out someone to help me understand my kids better. Little did I know this would help me understand me better.

I met up with Asia Voight at Botanical Indulgence in Neenah and had a fantastic session with her. I learned my boys are very preceptive and know exactly what’s going on. Loki, surprisingly, was my little chatterbox and jumped right in to the conversation with had a LOT to say … or rather, ask. (And here I thought I was going to be asking the questions!) He wanted to know why he couldn’t go outside (because it’s dangerous); what happened to Scott (we separated and he moved out); are we moving (some day, but yes, possibly soon); and can we get a screened-in porch (um, sure?). Lovie, my sweet baby, let Loki chatter away – cause he would have interrupted anyway – and then chatted about his past home (apparently there was a screened-in porch and he’s been telling Loki about it) and how happy he is here with me.

What I wasn’t expecting was for Asia to tell me that they are proud of me and that they think I’m doing the right thing. Could that have been hype? Sure, but I like to think my boys know what’s going on and can sense the change in me in the last few months.

Two funny things that came from this (both from Loki, of course): 1. Please don’t date anyone anytime soon. (Selfish little buggers, huh?) and 2.No babies, please. The visits from the neighbor’s little girl are great, but screaming kids are not welcome.

Did I get all the answers? No … I still don’t know why Loki feels the need to wake me at 6:30 every morning when he has food. Or why he doesn’t want to be held. But, I do know that yes, they are just playing – most of the time – and how very special they are. I’m trying to be more aware of my feelings and how they act around me. I’ve noticed that Loki seems to seek out snuggles more often and actually has started following me around sometimes.

Would I do it again? You betcha. In fact, I told her I’d be calling her after I moved – to a place with a screened-in porch, of course.