I’m turning 30 in just over a month. *gulp*

For the last few months, I’ve been totally freaked out over the thought of turning 30. Why? I don’t really know.

There was always that next big milestone to look forward to – 16 & driving a car; 18 & graduation; 21 & drinking (legally).

What’s  to look forward to at 30? Being a grown up? I feel like I should have accomplished more. You know, those things that society tells you that you should have – husband, 2.5 kids, a house & a career on the up & up.

What do I have? A divorce (finalized a mere month before my birthday), two cats and a corporate job that seems more like quicksand than anything else.

But hold on a minute …. Focusing on those things is exactly why I’ve been freaking out. Negative thinking will get you nowhere. I realized last night it’s time to shift my focus and realize all the wonderful things I have accomplished.

Since the last big milestone birthday (21), I have:

  • Earned my bachelors degree – in 4 years.
  • Successfully moved 3 times. Once completely by myself and in a snowstorm. (Double points for that, right?)
  • Adopted the best cats ever.
  • Officially quit caffeine & soda. (After about 10 tries!)
  • Started running and am consistently logging 2-4 miles each run.
  • Followed a dream & am becoming certified as a holistic health counselor.
  • Started my own health counseling practice.
  • Lost 28 lbs (so far!) and am finally feeling healthy.

Plus, by my birthday, I will have:

  • Run 4 races – #4 is on May 22.
  • Completely paid off my student loan.
  • Be debt-free (other than my car).

I’d say that’s quite a bit to be proud of, right?

Now, I’m not so afraid of 30. In fact, I want to use this birthday as a reason to be my healthiest yet. Over the next month, I’m going to step up my workouts and really focus on being the healthiest me possible. (Plus, I’ve got to get ready for hanging on the beach and rockin’ a bikini!)

My 20’s weren’t that bad, but I’m determined to make my 30’s the best yet.